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Wool Zipper Dress

black wool zipper dress2.2jpg

Winter for me is the opportunity for wool overload.  I absolutely love it! Mood has the most luxe wool in every shade and texture on the planet.  This medium weight suiting wool with a bit of one-way stretch and a lot of drape make for the perfect

Mood DIY: Silver Chain Necklace

I just love a good necklace — I have tons of them. Lately I’ve been seeing these really intricate silver ones, and I wanted to try it out. Mood Fabrics has a ton of chain, crystal, and brooches to choose from. Here’s my latest one.

Mood DIY: Bi-fold Wallet

Over the holidays I was looking for a stocking stuff as a man’s gift….and wanted to try my hand at a simple wallet. So, I grabbed some thin leather and digitally printed vinyl canvas that I came across at Mood Fabrics, for a edgy option. As …