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Mood Style: Perfect Spring Suiting


Lately I have had the desire to wear clothes that are fashionably comfortable.  I have had to wrap my brain around the fact my body is changing and I don’t want to fill my closet for the next several months with clothes I will never wear again.  The beauty of …

Mood Style: Lemon Spring Dress


When I sat down to make something with this beautiful bright stretch cotton sateen fabric found on that is a dream to sew with and absolutely perfect for spring and summer, I wasn’t too sure if I wanted something that would last for the next two …

Mood Style: Faux Fur Sleeveless Coat


Being the coat lover that I am, I know true spring weather is right around the corner.  I don’t want to yet retire my coat love until next winter, so I did the next best thing…………..A sleeveless faux fur and wool coat that will work well into spring.  I’ve never …