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Project Runway All Stars at Mood Fabrics: The Aftermath

Last summer the producers of Project Runway All Stars approached us about filming an entire episode of the show at Mood Fabrics NYC. Everything but the runway and judging would be filmed at Mood, they told us. Even the models would get dressed at Mood.
We thought about it for a …

Swatch, Mood Mascot and Tim Gunn Protégé

Tim Gunn has been tutoring our Swatch in how to be a Project Runway fashion mentor. Check out these images and let us know if you think Swatch could step in for Tim when he goes on vacation.

Mood Q&A Time: “Why Doesn’t the Online Store Have the Same Fabrics as the NYC and LA Stores?”

Dear Mood: You drive me crazy. You post all these photos of great fabrics on Instagram but often they’re only available at your brick-and-mortar stores. Which are nowhere near to me. Why can’t I buy these same fabrics online at

We get asked this question all the time by our …