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Mood DIY: Embroidery Hoop Organizer

No matter what I do, my chalk and my seam ripper are always missing.  Within 12 seconds of putting one down, it somehow manages to get itself lost or stolen by my cats. To remedy this chronic sewing tool loss, I made a super cute organizer; and it was so …

Mood DIY: Rose Petal Jewelry Bowl

Are you constantly looking for cute and creative ways to display your jewelry? This adorable rose bowl takes 10 minutes, and you can make a bunch with just 1/3 yard of industrial felt!

What you’ll need:

Mood DIY: No-Sew Easter Basket Tutu

Easter is coming up quickly this year, and if you’re like me, you need some quick and easy ideas to fill those baskets — and everyone loves a tutu.

The best thing about tutus is they’re hard to mess up, this one especially. So if you’re new to crafting, don’t …

Mood Fabric’s Fall 2016 New York Fashion Week Trend Report

The NY designers’ creativity with fabrics and designs came out in full force at Fall 2016 NY Fashion Week.  Wish you were there to see the most luxurious and sumptuous fabrics up close?  Read on.  This blog has got a recap that will give you a window into the coolest …

DIY: 20-Minute Oversized Clutch Wallet

How often have you put together the perfect outfit, but totally hit a wall when none of your bags matched? With this 20-minute DIY project, you could have a unique clutch for every day of the week in less than 3 hours!

Items used:

Mood DIY: Removable Fur Cuffs

The other day while cruising the aisles at Mood Fabrics, I came across this Fox Fur Tail that just oozed with possibilities. With the subzero temperatures we’ve been having here in New York…I just knew I had found a quick and fashionable solution that could dress up any …

Mood DIY: Silver Chain Necklace

I just love a good necklace — I have tons of them. Lately I’ve been seeing these really intricate silver ones, and I wanted to try it out. Mood Fabrics has a ton of chain, crystal, and brooches to choose from. Here’s my latest one.

Mood DIY: Bi-fold Wallet

Over the holidays I was looking for a stocking stuff as a man’s gift….and wanted to try my hand at a simple wallet. So, I grabbed some thin leather and digitally printed vinyl canvas that I came across at Mood Fabrics, for a edgy option. As …

Mood DIY: Leather Charger Roll Up

When you’re packing for a trip….you ever find yourself trying to wrangle up all your power cords to take with you? Let’s see….there’s my phone, computer, and ipod, etc. Well here’s a quick and convenient way to take everything with you! I’ve seen one of these even going for as …

Mood DIY: Tear Drop Earrings

My grandmother used to have these lamps in her livingroom (a picture of one below), and I used to look at them and think to myself….those teardrops would make for some great jewelry. Well…I was right, and immediately fell in love with these pieces when I saw the, at Mood …