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Fabric of the Future: Tech Fabrics

Generally when wearing a fabric, we think of covering the body and protecting it from the environment, or as a form of personal expression and style. But the future of clothing is about to change in a big way as smart textiles are paving their way through. The textile industry is …

The Nitty Gritty of Leather in the City

In the broadest sense, leather refers to a material created by tanning an animal hide. Characterized by both the type of animal skin used and the tanning or manufacturing method, we are left with many options. Here at Mood we strive to source quality leathers that are not only …

10 Reasons Why You Should Take A Sewing Class

  1. When you learn in person from a respected teacher it sinks in more and sticks in your brain
  2. You have the opportunity to ask one-on-one questions of the instructor, so you get personalized advice
  3. You can learn from experts about specific topics, such as lingerie, swimwear or lace
  4. Seeing a demo