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Fall/Winter Fabric Trend Report By Mood: Menswear Fabrics

Mood Trend Report #2: This fall, borrow from the boys and include menswear fabrics in your wardrobe. Not only are wool and wool-blend suitings, tweeds and crepes among the most classic of fabrics, they also can be easy to sew and work with. Think about making a fitted dress in …

Finished: Bomber Jacket of Leather and Metallic Brocade

Readers, I think I got a little bit carried away with the whole bomber jacket trend. First I made this bomber, then this one, and now here’s my third–AND LAST!–bomber jacket. I really enjoyed sewing the first two versions, but this one I just wanted to be over with. I’m …

Done with Winter Sewing? Here’s the Mood Fabrics Guide to Spring Fashion Trends

Even though New York Fashion Week just ended, we wanted to revisit the Spring 2013 trends from the runways of last September. With warmer weather just around the corner, these are the looks to guide you as you plan your spring and summer sewing:

BLACK/WHITE: Think high contrast and go …