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Why is Wool Warmer

Why Is Wool Warmer?
When fighting against the cold winter weather of places like Chicago, Detroit, and of course New York City, staying warm at all times is a must. So what do we do? We go out and buy thick and heavy coats, scarfs, hats and socks; every essential …

Drop waist

A few weeks ago while browsing Pinterest, I spotted a pick of Natasha Goldenberg wearing the cutest red drop waist skirt and decided it would look equally as awesome in this bright green ponte knit from found here,This is a nice ponte with a lot of stretch that …

Wool Knit OMG

I have never been a big knit person until I spotted this big bulky knit at Mood Fabrics in NY.  It’s simply AMAZING.  The moment I picked it up I envisioned an oversized sweater with pockets.  Everything about this fabric is perfect.  The outside is a mustard like color and …