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Think About Sewing… Leather & Ponte Together

If you love leather but want to keep your costs low, think about using leather for the focal point of the garment and then ponte for the rest. Take this DKNY skirt above, for example. To knock it off, you’d buy one large skin (or about a yard of faux …

Sewing with Silk 101: Even More Tips For You

Like many home sewers, I suffer from TGCS, or Too-Good-to-Cut Syndrome. Since I started interning at Mood, I’ve hoarded amassed some truly exquisite fabric. I have visions of swishy silk dresses, collarless jackets lined with charmeuse, and classic silk shells. I even have the perfect fabric for a ballgown. When

Five Reasons Why You Should Follow Mood Fabrics on Instagram

Adding Instagram to Mood’s social media mix was a no-brainer for us. Being able to show you photos of the exquisite fabrics and trims we offer is the next best thing to shopping in our stores. Hopefully you’re already following us on Instagram, but …