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DIY Dorm Decor

Get inspired by this collage to create the perfect decked out dorm room!
Use these fabrics to replicate this dorm room for a cozy and comfortable environment all semester long.

Above is an inspiration for a women’s dorm room. Use your imagination with creating your dream dorm room. Use a variety …

DIY Organizer Clutch

I am sure we have all experienced the malady of finding the perfect handbag that is divine down to the last detail, but when we open it up and peer inside, no pockets. What is with that? A little organization goes a long way when it comes to our everyday …

DIY: Turtleneck Midi Bodycon Dress with Sleeves

2-3 Yards of Desired Knit (Black Velvet)
Sleeve Pattern Piece
Previously Owned Bodycon Dress
Tape Measurer
Matching Thread (Black Thread)
Before I begin with the steps, I want to let you