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Five Reasons Why You Should Follow Mood Fabrics on Instagram

Adding Instagram to Mood’s social media mix was a no-brainer for us. Being able to show you photos of the exquisite fabrics and trims we offer is the next best thing to shopping in our stores. Hopefully you’re already following us on Instagram, but …

Display a Mood Badge and You Could Win a $200 Mood Gift Card!

Show that you sew with Mood fabrics and you could win a $200 gift card from us!

We borrowed this blog badge idea from our friends at Lion Brand Yarn. In return for showing everyone you sew with Mood fabrics, we’ll enter you in our random drawings for …

Meet the Mood Project Runway Season 10 Staff: Part 2

Here are more of the fabulous Mood NYC staffers you’re likely to see on Project Runway this season:


I’ll be live-tweeting each episode of Project Runway, so follow us on Twitter (mood_fabrics). Don’t expect any spoilers from me, though, because I’ve deliberately sequestered myself in Mood’s offices while filming is going …