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Halloween Contest Entry #20

Don M.'s Pixie Costume

Don M.'s Pixie Costume

Don M. Made this Pixie Costume using Brown crushed velvet lycra, variegated green chiffon.

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11 Responses to “ Halloween Contest Entry #20 ”

  1. Dawn Cloake

    Fairyland magic! Don’s design is totally original yet captures distant childhood memories from storybook illustrations. The hood with its fruits of the forest blend the character into the woods beyond, and the long, crimped hair and bare feet portray a certain innocence.Here i Feel that Don has given considerable thought to how the garment is portrayed and combined a fairy-like chiffon with the more earthly crushed velvet.
    Dawn Cloake

    1940 days ago   |   Reply
  2. Sheila Scott

    Like your vesion, a little more modest length in the dress, also butterfly sleeve nails the femininity and innocense. Like that she is sitting on the bough of the branch in the woodland setting in deep contemplation. Absolutely beautiful!

    1940 days ago   |   Reply
  3. Ruth Finsthwait

    Love the sleeves and corset. Great fit and it hangs beautifully!! Fabulous design – and quite original with the butterflies on the sleeves. Love it!

    1940 days ago   |   Reply
  4. Martha Whittaker

    I love the colors and fabrics. Great design Uncle Don!

    1940 days ago   |   Reply
  5. Don McCunn

    If you’d like to know how this costume was created, please visit the link to my blog description.

    1940 days ago   |   Reply
    • Don McCunn

      I am new to the way this blog operates. To see the construction details for this costume, click on my name above.

      1940 days ago   |   Reply
  6. Hilary Catron

    I appreciate that these are not the typical wings many costumers use, Don made his own shape, which is why I love fantasy costuming so much. Very nice, love the mood of the photo, no pun intended.

    1941 days ago   |   Reply
  7. teddi mccunn

    Excellent costume, perfect subject AND use of appropriate fabric to create a really authentic looking pixie! Great photography too! Well done, Don.

    1941 days ago   |   Reply
  8. teddi mccunn

    what does this mean “comment awaiting moderation”?

    1941 days ago   |   Reply
  9. teddi mccunn

    I rate this a full 5 for choice of fabric, design, subject and photography!

    1941 days ago   |   Reply
  10. Teddi McCunn

    Excellent costume, subject AND use of appropriate fabric to create a really authentic looking pixie! Congratulations, Don!

    1941 days ago   |   Reply

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