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Happy Birthday America Fabric Giveaway!


You can win one of these fabrics! Michelle is holding a beautiful navy embroidered poly, and Michael has a silk/cotton blend voile in red and white.


It’s giveway time here at Mood Fabrics! We’re feeling all patriotic in honor of America’s birthday next Wednesday, so we want to send a little red, white and blue to two lucky winners.


Red and white silk/cotton blend voile, lightweight and semi-sheer, in stripes with striations. Two yards, 60″ wide, $18/yd. Retail value $36.

Navy embroidered poly, medium-weight. Two yards, 60″ wide, $18/yd. Retail value $36.


The red-and-white voile would make a perfect summer top or tunic, or line it and sew a dress or skirt. The navy embroidered poly is crying out to be made into a chic pencil skirt or sheath dress, or maybe a pair of glam shorts. I love them both.

All you have to do to be eligible to win one of these fabrics is leave a comment on this post. Deadline for comments is Tuesday, July 3, 11:59 pm ET. Indicate which fabric you’d like to win by including the words “navy” or “stripes” in your comment; if you don’t indicate a preferred fabric your comment will not be part of the drawing. Do not write that you’ll take either. Two winners will be randomly chosen from the comments left. Sorry, but this drawing is open to US residents only. The winners will be announced during the week of 7/9/12 on the Mood Facebook page, so like us to see if your name is drawn. Good luck, and if you aren’t a winner don’t despair because more fabric giveaways are always on the horizon!

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Happy Fourth of July! Mood Fabrics will be closed on July 4th, but we’ll be open the rest of the week. Come stop by and visit us, as the stores are quieter during the summer and we can give you lots of personal attention. See you soon!


135 Responses to “ Happy Birthday America Fabric Giveaway! ”

  1. Aase

    Ooooh, I’m way too late. I should have given it a try, given that the 4th of July is my birthday and all, but then again, I’m in Europe, not in the US… I’d so much love coming back to New York one day and one of the things on top of my list to do while there, is to visit Mood to meet Swatch (I have a yorkie named Phoebe myself, terriers are the best!!!) and to buy some great fabrics to play with when I get home!!! :) Congrats to the fabric winners!!! Oh, I would have loved that blue fabric, can think of many things to do with that… :) Well, another time… :)

    991 days ago   |  
  2. Kath


    997 days ago   |  
  3. Cindy

    Swatch would look great in stripes.
    but not better than me :)

    997 days ago   |  
  4. Stacey

    Definitely stripes!! Would love to make a cover up with this fabric! Enjoy the 4th!

    997 days ago   |  
  5. Itsewrocks

    Love the Navy; would make a great evening jacket!

    997 days ago   |  
  6. Shannon

    There is a scarf there in the red and white, love it!

    998 days ago   |  
  7. Suzanne Everhart

    The red and white stripe would be breezy and beautiful out here in the Arizona sun!

    998 days ago   |  
  8. rich r

    My wife would love the stripes

    998 days ago   |  
  9. katie r

    Love the stripes! Was just in the store today!

    998 days ago   |  
  10. Brandon

    Happy 4th of JULY!! I love the Navy embroidered poly. It’s great for celebrating America’s 236th B’day! But I’d be happy with any winnings. Enjoy the celebration!

    998 days ago   |  
  11. Laura

    Love them but the BLUE has a beautiful short jacket written all over it. wish I could get up there to shop in person. Maybe someday!

    998 days ago   |  
  12. jacqueline


    998 days ago   |  
  13. Katelyn Allers

    Wow! Those are SO gorgeous. I seriously need to make it back to NYC to restock my stash!

    998 days ago   |  
  14. Cindy

    Epic patriotic loveeee! Treats for swatch if I win :)

    998 days ago   |  
  15. Nancy Borger

    I have two perfect patterns in mind for the red/white and the blue fabrics. I hope I win!

    998 days ago   |  
  16. Ali M

    Would love to win the red and white voile, it’s gorgeous! Thank you for the giveaway!

    998 days ago   |  
  17. Candy

    The stripes are really something!

    998 days ago   |  
  18. Alicia Genao

    I would love the striped fabric!

    998 days ago   |  
  19. Debra Miller

    I love all the new stripes that are available at Mood. Stop by and shop to your heart’s content and add some to your stash.

    998 days ago   |  
  20. Dina Iacano

    Would love the STRIPES to make something for my very patriotic daughter!

    998 days ago   |  
  21. Elyse E

    Stripes please!

    998 days ago   |  
  22. Maureen S

    Both look like amazing fabrics! Would love to win!


    998 days ago   |  
  23. Jasmine

    Like I really love the stripes red and white one. I really hope I win

    998 days ago   |  
  24. Lynn

    All I can say here
    for want of the dreamy stripes
    bitchin’ maxi awaits.

    See what I did there? I wrote a haiku. For the stripes. God bless America.

    998 days ago   |  
  25. Tyler Jones

    Navy! Gorgeous.

    998 days ago   |  
  26. Alysha K

    Happy Birthday America! God bless the all the military who fight to protect our freedom! I’d love the navy fabric :)

    998 days ago   |  
  27. Quinn Xzavier


    998 days ago   |  
  28. Shay

    Love the stripes!

    998 days ago   |  
  29. Kari

    I hope I win! This is my first time ever entering a contest.

    998 days ago   |  
  30. Kathy

    I would LOVE, LOVE, Love the stripes! B-E-A-utiful!

    998 days ago   |  
  31. Jenny Green


    998 days ago   |  
  32. Linda Younkman

    Would love the stripes, red and white are my favorite colors. I’m so excited. I will be visiting your store in NYC for the first time July 5 with my daughter.

    998 days ago   |  
  33. Dawn

    I would love the stripes!!! Hope I win!

    998 days ago   |  
  34. Paula Chipman

    Love the navy –timeless!

    998 days ago   |