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Wide Leg pants and high low top

wide leg pant

With the weather getting cooler and cooler in the evenings, I’m completely in heaven.  I absolutely live for fall and the fabulous fall fashions.I looked in my closet and noticed I had only one pair of wide leg pants, which I happen to love by the way and unfortunately they …

Mood DIY: Elastic Waist Skirt


Tulle skirts never go out of style, and there are so many different ways to make them (here’s another no-sew version I did a while ago, here). I saw one of my favorite style bloggers (Atlantic-Pacific) rocking one in the fall …

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I left the “traditional” workforce a couple of years ago but these dresses, minus the open back bring me back to that time.  Whenever I now have the opportunity to wear one, I couldn’t be happier.  This is my interpretation of modest. :)This dress was made using this Donna