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Mood DIY: Bi-fold Wallet

Over the holidays I was looking for a stocking stuff as a man’s gift….and wanted to try my hand at a simple wallet. So, I grabbed some thin leather and digitally printed vinyl canvas that I came across at Mood Fabrics, for a edgy option. As …

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Mood DIY: Leather Charger Roll Up

When you’re packing for a trip….you ever find yourself trying to wrangle up all your power cords to take with you? Let’s see….there’s my phone, computer, and ipod, etc. Well here’s a quick and convenient way to take everything with you! I’ve seen one of these even going for as …

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Mood DIY: Tear Drop Earrings

My grandmother used to have these lamps in her livingroom (a picture of one below), and I used to look at them and think to myself….those teardrops would make for some great jewelry. Well…I was right, and immediately fell in love with these pieces when I saw the, at Mood …

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