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Tips for First-Time Visitors to Mood Fabrics NYC


Do you have plans to visit our flagship NYC store for the first time? Sometimes the first trip to Mood Fabrics can be a little overwhelming, because you’ve probably never seen that much beautiful fabric in one place before. Just read the tips we’ve assembled here before you visit and …

Mood DIY: Gold Coins Necklace

Gold Coins Necklace 1

A couple years ago I came across a necklace called Loose Change made by Anthropologie — I was immediately impressed by the piece’s simple construction and high potential for versatility. But I wanted my coin pendants to have a little more character. So, when I ¬†came across these …

Finished: Chanel-Style Boxy Jacket with Fringe

Chanel-style boxy jacket ma

A Chanel-style, boxy jacket is one of those classic pieces that works well on just about everyone. I decided it was time to make one for my daughter, who is about to graduate from college and needs clothes that can go on job interviews.

For fabric, I chose a lightweight Italian …