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Mood DIY: 3-Step Heart Bookmark


I figured it was time to stop using scraps of paper to mark my place in all my books, since the scraps tend to end up lost on the floor anyway. I’ve seen origami pocket bookmarks before and thought, why not do something similar with fabric? They can fold …

Mood Style: Short Sleeve Transition Coat


The transition from winter to spring is always very tricky in the eastern part of the United States.  Some days are very cold, some are very warm and others are comfortably mild.  For those mild days, it’s a challenge finding the appropriate outer wear, so I always defer to my …

Mood DIY: Flower Cut-Out Pillow


I’ve always been a fan of fabric manipulation, but even the basic stuff seemed really intimidating. Still, I decided to play around with some simple smocking for a pillow, and I was surprised by how quick and easy it was. And the final result is absolutely beautiful!

Items used:

Fabric of the Future: Tech Fabrics

Finished Fabric

Generally when wearing a fabric, we think of covering the body and protecting it from the environment, or as a form of personal expression and style. But the future of clothing is about to change in a big way as smart textiles are paving their way through. The textile industry is …

Mood DIY: 5 Minute Coin Purse


Everyone needs more purses. They’re cute, they’re functional, and they’re versatile. And the best way to make the most of that versatility is to DIY your own!

I had some leftover felt to work with, and thought a mini clutch bag would be the perfect project – it can hold …

Mood DIY: Simple Hiking Pack


With great weather finally showing its face, I thought it time to begin prepping for the new hiking season. And what better way to do that, than to make a cute and functional new bag?
Items used:

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Mood DIY: Mason Jar Sewing Kit


Whether you need a quick gift idea, or another cute way to organize your tools, this mason jar sewing kit is the perfect DIY project. It’s main feature is the pin cushion lid, which can be used with a mason jar of any size, so you can easily …

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Mood DIY: 2 Seam Circle Shirt


With a new season comes a need for a whole new wardrobe. However, if you’re looking to save some money, DIY is definitely the way to go. Can’t sew? Not a problem! This shirt takes 10 minutes, and only has two straight seams!

You’ll need a yard and a half …

Mood DIY: Embroidery Hoop Organizer


No matter what I do, my chalk and my seam ripper are always missing.  Within 12 seconds of putting one down, it somehow manages to get itself lost or stolen by my cats. To remedy this chronic sewing tool loss, I made a super cute organizer; and it was so …

Mood DIY: Rose Petal Jewelry Bowl


Are you constantly looking for cute and creative ways to display your jewelry? This adorable rose bowl takes 10 minutes, and you can make a bunch with just 1/3 yard of industrial felt!

What you’ll need: