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How To: Men’s Bow Tie


This may sound weird being a girl, but I have always wanted to know how to sew bow ties. They are easily customizable and relatively simple to make, so I had to learn how for this week’s post! Plus, with a dad and two brothers, I knew …

Stripes and Checks and Plaids…OH MY!

Stripes and Checks and Plaids...OH MY!

In its simplest definition, patterns are created through repeated decorative designs. Whether man-made designs or natural motifs, our eye looks for discernible regularities in the every-day world. Let us take a closer look inside the swatch sphere.



Awning Stripe- Just as the name suggests, awning stripes are reminiscent of sunshade fabric …

“How To” Mens T-Shirt

Men's T-Shirt

I wanted to think outside of the box and do something different for Mood. I decided to create a simple, straight forward men’s casual t-shirt tutorial. There are a variety of women’s blogs on here, but I’m proud to introduce the first men’s tutorial. For this project I used a …