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Perfect print


I’m generally not a fan of printed coats, but I recently started watching the new reality show House of DVF and found myself mesmerized by all the color and prints.  So when I found this DVF print on which was a dead ringer for one I spotted on the …

Red and Tan


One of the number one sewing questions I get from beginners is What pattern do you recommend? My number one answer is always Vogue 8840 view A, it’s a pattern with only two pieces and insanely simple but yet very versatile and because I’m a fan of clean lines, this …

Little red dress


My version of the little black dress is the little red dress despite my love of the color black.  I’m one of those people that purchase 99% of my fabric online, so the need to touch and feel the fabric isn’t necessary.  I have a good understanding of how a …