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Mood DIY: Fabric Covered Lampshade

I’ve been staring at a blank lampshade for a couple years now (boring, I know :), so I decided to finally to do something about it.  I knew I wanted something with a splash of yellow that would compliment the throw pillows I …

Mood DIY: Full Circle Skirt

SUPPLIES: Iron, charmeuse from Mood Fabrics (about 2.5 yards), 2-inch elastic band from Mood Fabrics (depending on length of waist; I used about 2.5 feet), tape measure, pen, tulle from Mood Fabrics (about 3 yards) , straight …

5 Things To Invest In For Spring 2010 To Update Any Wardrobe

For Spring 2010 the trends stray away from the edginess of seasons past and revert back to classics. What makes Spring 2010 so great is that you will be able to find many styles that will last you a lifetime, not just a season.

TRENCH COAT: First piece that will …