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Mood DIY: “Hunger Games 2 Catching Fire”-Inspired Feather Top

I happened to stop by Mood Fabrics NYC recently to pick up some supplies, and I was inundated with the buzz in every aisle as people both young and old plotted out their costumes for their respective upcoming festivities—the excitement was definitely in the air! But what was I inspired …

Mood DIY: Personalized Halloween Napkin Rings

Halloween is just around the corner, and it’s such a fun holiday for adults to embrace their inner kid — the dressing up, the copious amounts of candy, it all equals fun!
Having guests over to celebrate? Well…you may want to try a personal “spooky” take on the traditional holiday settings. …

2011 Costume Contest Winner!

We would like to congratulate the winner of a $100 Gift Card to our 2011 Halloween Costume Contest Tracy F and her Ghost Cookie Costume!
Tracy told us her co-worker’s 4 year old son said, “the cookie was bitten into, died, and became a ghost.” She …