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Finished: Chanel-Style Boxy Jacket with Fringe

A Chanel-style, boxy jacket is one of those classic pieces that works well on just about everyone. I decided it was time to make one for my daughter, who is about to graduate from college and needs clothes that can go on job interviews.

For fabric, I chose a lightweight Italian …

Military-Inspired Cropped Jacket and Jersey Dress

My love of cropped jackets is no secret. I find them to be chic and edgy with the ability to turn a simple dress into something a bit more special. I’ve wanted to make a cropped jacket for a while but kept putting it off until I found the perfect …

Finished: Bomber Jacket of Leather and Metallic Brocade

Readers, I think I got a little bit carried away with the whole bomber jacket trend. First I made this bomber, then this one, and now here’s my third–AND LAST!–bomber jacket. I really enjoyed sewing the first two versions, but this one I just wanted to be over with. I’m …