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Finished: Leather and Rayon Jersey Zip-Front Jacket

Ta daa! The end result of a month-long sewing project that looks nothing like what I had originally planned.

About 18 months ago Denis (salesperson with the silver long braid in our NYC store) pulled me aside and said I had to buy some of this beautiful black rayon jersey we …

Mood DIY: Leather Fringe Heels

So….as I have been spending more and more time in the stores shopping for clients as a personal stylist, I can’t help but notice that leather accents are everywhere for fall — they’re on shirts, shoes, shorts.  You name it….it’s there.  So, I thought it’d be fun to incorporate it …

Bottega Veneta-Inspired Tote

Spring is finally here and that meant I needed a new tote bag to schlep my shoes and magazines around in. The black leather tote I made a few months ago served me well this past fall and winter, but I was craving something new. My caveats: a bag that …