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Mood Style: Wool Coat with Leather Arm Warmers

Editor’s note: We are very pleased to welcome our new Mood Style blogger, the fabulous Nikki of Beaute J’Adore. She’ll be posting frequently for the Mood Sewciety blog, sharing her unique way of sewing and styling her own clothes so she always looks like she stepped off the

Finished: Leather and Rayon Jersey Zip-Front Jacket

Ta daa! The end result of a month-long sewing project that looks nothing like what I had originally planned.

About 18 months ago Denis (salesperson with the silver long braid in our NYC store) pulled me aside and said I had to buy some of this beautiful black rayon jersey we …

Mood DIY: Leather Fringe Heels

So….as I have been spending more and more time in the stores shopping for clients as a personal stylist, I can’t help but notice that leather accents are everywhere for fall — they’re on shirts, shoes, shorts.  You name it….it’s there.  So, I thought it’d be fun to incorporate it …