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Mood DIY: Gold Coins Necklace

A couple years ago I came across a necklace called Loose Change made by Anthropologie — I was immediately impressed by the piece’s simple construction and high potential for versatility. But I wanted my coin pendants to have a little more character. So, when I  came across these …

Mood DIY: Stella & Dot Tempest Inspired Necklace

It’s no secret that I am absolutely in love with some of the creations from the jewelry line Stella & Dot….but don’t always have it in the budget to rock every piece that I want — unless, you opt to do it yourself.  So, I grabbed some metal

Mood DIY: Gold Ring Necklace

We saw hints of the gold hardware during the Spring Fashion Week, and it really packed a punch during the Fall Shows….so of course I had to grab some chain from Mood Fabrics and make a little something of my own. Whether you use remnants from an old tshirt or …