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Mood DIY: Sequins Jogging Pants

I’ve had this pink sequins fabric from Mood Fabrics for quite a while now that I thought I’d somehow use to cover some pumps.  But, my mind immediately changed when I recently came across these Sequins Joggers on a trip to Anthropologie while buying a candle …

Mood DIY: Sequin Skirt

I’ve been on a bit of a sequin kick lately, and recently stumbled upon the “metallic fabric” section at Mood Fabrics NYC—I was instantly smitten. After only a few minutes in my new “heaven,” I discovered this fabric with an ombre-like affect and immediately snapped up a yard.  I figure …

Mood DIY: Sequin Encrusted Denim Shorts

Denim is just one of those fabrics that never seems to go out of style — so I wanted to do something unique with it.  But I wanted to play with textures a bit. So…..I took some of my leftover sequin fabric that I had from the