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Duopioni vs. Shantung

Silk. We know that silk has long been regarded as one of the most luxurious of fabrics. It was once exclusive to aristocrats, First Ladies and royalty, being that it was and still is expensive and ever so tedious to produce. There are many different types of fabrics derived …

Mood DIY: Personalized Halloween Napkin Rings

Halloween is just around the corner, and it’s such a fun holiday for adults to embrace their inner kid — the dressing up, the copious amounts of candy, it all equals fun!
Having guests over to celebrate? Well…you may want to try a personal “spooky” take on the traditional holiday settings. …

Finished: The Textured Bomber Jacket

My first sewing obsession of the new year was to make a bomber jacket. Every time I saw a  bomber jacket added to Net-a-Porter or read some fashion editorial about varsity jackets as the latest thing, I decided I had to make one for myself.
So, hmm, I knew I wanted …