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  • Project Runway

    Create a red carpet look inspired by the glamour of Hollywood 

    Note: Mood makes every effort to match the fabrics used in each look with either the exact fabric or a close substitution. Sometimes by the time an episode airs the original fabric may have completely sold out, and since it is a closeout fabric we are unable to replace it. We hope you understand.

    • Asha's Look - Team Mondo
    • Blake's Look - Team Anya
    • Brady's Look - Team Anya
    • Camila's Look - Team Mondo
    • Isabelle's Look - Team Nick
    • Michelle's Look - Team Mondo
    • Natalia's Look - Team Nick
    • Nicholas' Look - Team Anya
    • Oscar's Look - Team Nick
    • Sam's Look - Team Mondo
    • Shan's Look - Team Anya
    • Stephanie's Look - Team Nick
    Camila's Look - Team Mondo
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    • Camila's Look - Team Mondo

      (3 reviews)

      The Fabrics

      • Black Silk Organza

        HURRY! Almost Sold Out.

        Product #: PV3000-196

        $14.99 / Yard

        Product #: PV3000-196

        Yards Half Yard

      • Bright White Silk Crepe Back Satin

        Product #: PV8000-101

        $47.99 / Yard

        Product #: PV8000-101

        Yards Half Yard

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      Customer Ratings and Reviews

      • Really... It's just a white dress... what's all the fuss about?

        August 16, 2014

        I have one thing to say:
        This is so freaking boaring!!! That is all I have to say.
        I award it only ONE STAR.

      • Classic and Modern Mix

        June 25, 2014

        Looks airy and clean with an unexpected flirty, sexy back. Very classic and then suddenly modern.

      • What a surprise!

        March 29, 2014

        How much fun is that. A simple white front then the black chiffon back. I may do something like that. Inventive. I like that.