1-Hour Pleated Satin Skirt

Posted on June 24, 2018 by Lee Norris

We're typically busting out free patterns left and right here at Mood, but sometimes it's nice to go back to a quick and easy DIY, where tons of paper and printing isn't required. This pleated garment is fairly reminiscent of your typical rectangle skirt, with one super helpful difference: the fabric is already pleated! From cutting the fabric to finishing the hem, this adorable DIY takes just an hour to complete - that is if everything goes accordion to plan. And since Mood's accordion pleated fabrics now come in both chiffon and satin, your wardrobe options just doubled!

Fabrics & materials used:

First, estimate more fabric than you think you'll need. This particular fabric is sold by the yard with the fabric flat, not pleated; so even if you may only need 30" for your skirt, you may need to purchase 3 or so yards.

Next, measure your waist and then add 1.5" to the measurement; one inch for seam allowance, and another half inch for wearing ease. Cut a piece of draping tape to the final measurement and fold the pleats of your fabric closed and place the tape along the selvage of your fabric, about and inch or so from the edge like you see above. On either side of your tape, cut a straight line down from selvage to selvage.

Using the same measurement from your draping tape for the length, cut a 4" wide rectangle for your waistband. Depending on what kind of fabric you're using, you may want to interface it.

With the right sides of your fabric together, sew the waistband along the selvage of your fabric and pull off the draping tape. Connect the two ends of your skirt by inserting an invisible zipper halfway down your waistband. The remaining half of your waistband will be folded over toward the inside of your garment and slip-stitched into place, with the raw edges tucked in.

Finish off the center back seam of your skirt with a French seam, sewing wrong sides of your fabric together first (as shown above), followed by resewing the same seam with the faces of your fabric together.

Lastly, try on your skirt and cut exactly to your desired length. There's no need to roll or bind your hem, since that would ruin your pleats. Instead, simply pull your fabric flat and use a zig-zag stitch along the very edge of your hem.

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