Activewear to Fit Your Lifestyle

Posted on January 4, 2022 by Stephanie Triplett

To start the new year off on the right foot, let’s talk resolutions. Whether the new year means starting from scratch in any area or not, many of us tend to set goals, often related to our health and wellbeing. Regardless of your goals, there are endless scenarios where activewear might fit into your wardrobe on a day-to-day basis. Find out which activewear styles fit your lifestyle.


This type of clothing is the cornerstone of fashionable yet comfortable activewear. Athleisure is largely accepted in many people's daily lives. It includes any type of elevated touch to otherwise standard workout wear like cutouts or strappy detailing. Athleisure is typically made in standard activewear fabrics like power mesh and is used as warmups and is stylish with a more comfortable fit. Athleisure is comfortable enough to lounge in and stylish enough to wear out.

Intense Training:

If you do cross-training, contact sports, tennis, running, gymnastics, etc., then you need activewear that will support you while you move. Designed for intense movement and sweating, wicking fabric is used for this type of activewear. High impact garments, like sports bras, keep sensitive areas in place while in motion and often call for high-performance fabric, which is heavier and more constricting. Compression fabric is good for high-impact exercising and has many benefits, from improving athletic performance, preventing injuries, reducing aches, and more.

Intense Training Pattern Recs:

Low/Medium-Impact Training

Activewear designed for yoga, swimming, golf, dance, etc., is made for less vigorous workouts and movement. It’s made of lighter materials that often offer less support, like cotton jersey, which is soft and breathable. This type of activewear is less constricting, offering some support without being uncomfortable, allowing free reign for stretching, yoga, and other activities. One exception is swimwear for aquatic sports, which needs to be water-friendly. Low and medium-impact clothing, like bras, offer slightly different amounts of support. Different amounts of tummy control are used in activewear. The less control offered, the more freely you’ll be able to move and breathe. If your chest doesn’t need a lot of support to keep things in place, low impact is perfect for less intense workouts, but if your chest needs more support, a medium support bra will provide more security and support for these types of movements. 

No matter which lifestyle you live, there’s activewear just for you. The offerings are greater now than ever, making it easier to get the best results from your lifestyle and what it calls for, from intense exercise to more moderately-paced movements. What is your favorite style of activewear? Leave your response in a comment below!

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