Batwing herringbone top

Posted on March 4, 2016 by Nikki Brooks-Revis

How my inspiration comes to life.......................

When strolling pinterest I happened upon a top that was completely my style.  I loved the slouchy silhouette, the sleek and simpleness was my aesthetic all together.

When I spot a piece of clothing I like, almost instantly recall a pattern I have that can be altered to make my inspiration come to life.

I have over 400 patterns and oddly enough, I can recall every one of them which makes the inspiration to reality process quick and seamless.  Because creating a pattern from scratch beginning to end is a lengthy process, this allows me to whip up looks I love weekly.

The pattern used for this top was Butterick B5791 view A with the following alterations:

-Removed the flap V-neck and added a square neck

-Added 4" to the length of the upper front sleeve

-Added 2 folded over pleats to the front

-Added elastic to the waist and wrists

-Added a graduated taper to the sleeve slope (see image)

The fabric used for this top was this heavy weight black & white herringbone suiting   from which is a stiffer drape with a stretch, perfect for structured dresses and maybe even a lined coat.

The pants were made a while back here


batwing top_mood

batwing top2

batwing top3

batwing top5

batwing top6

batwing top4



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