Beaded Bucket Hat - Free Sewing Pattern

Posted on September 8, 2021 by Shavonne Cruz

Transitioning all your favorite summer accessories into fall has never been easier! Mood Fabrics' free bucket hat pattern is perfect for this season's hot beaded trend; get the look of your favorite high-end designers for so much less. All you need are some great beading tools from Mood Fabrics and a little elbow grease! Let's get started!

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First, you want to get both layers of your hat all sewn together. This will include the outer shell and the inner lining. You can find instructions for sewing your bucket hat here. You will also need a bead organizer and seed bead needles if you are using small seed beads. A regular sewing needle will work for the larger beads as well.

Begin by sewing on your small seed beads. Make sure to spread them out evenly to achieve the best coverage. I didn't draw out a pattern, but I did follow a loosely planned layout. Make sure you are only sewing beads on the crown of the hat for now. You will need to complete the topstitching on the brim before adding the rest of the beads.

Once you have the desired amount of beads covering the crown, you can insert the lining. Pin your lining to the outer layer with the right sides together.  Make sure to leave a 3" opening for turning the hat right side out. This will cover all the visible threads from the beading. Press your hat along the brim and finish with topstitching.

Now, continue sewing the beads onto the brim only picking up the top layer. The inside of your had should be clean-finished with no visible threads. That's it! You're done! Style your bucket hat with your favorite denim jacket and a white button-down shirt for a fresh fall look!

Beaded Bucket Hat - Free Sewing Pattern - Mood Sewciety
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