2 - Beginner Draping: How to Drape a Basic Bodice

Posted on November 26, 2019 by Stephanie Triplett

As a part of our garment constructions tutorials, we are going to cover how to drape a basic bodice using the muslin blocks that we previously prepared in our last post in this series. Draping is a technique that allows the designer to immediately see how their garment looks as well as gives them free rein to rearrange and play with the design before anything is stitched together.

Prep Your Work Space

Draping the Front Bodice

Place Front Block on Dress Form

  1. Place fabric on labelled dress form by lining up the bust points (or apex) on the dress form and muslin block (ensure that the block is parallel to the ground)
  2. Pin in place along CF and anchor at shoulder 
  3. Smooth neckline with hand
  4. Pin, slash, trim excess, and mark until the neckline is laying flat
  5. Place pins in SS and trim, mark, and slash until the armhole is complete
  6. Pin any existing underarm ease (if there is any)
  7. Readjust pins at SS (if needed) and add them until you reach the WL
  8. Bring hands from SS and CF, gathering excess fabric (pointing outward) to meet at princess seam
  9. Make waist dart by pinning and marking its placement on the left and right
  10. Pin waist dart down towards SS
  11. Trim excess fabric that falls below waistline and make slashes to release any tension
  12. Mark waistline
  13. Pin any excess muslin that overlaps to the back

Draping the Back Bodice

Place Back Block on Dress Form

  1. Place muslin on dress form lining up the neckline marks
  2. Pin from CB to WL and at shoulder seam
  3. Mark center of armhole 
  4. Trim, slash, and mark armhole
  5. Pin SS to WL and mark
  6. Slide hands from CB and SS to meet
  7. Make dart with excess fabric by pinning and marking on its left and right sides
  8. Pin dart down towards SS
  9. Release any tension
  10. Trim any excess fabric below the waistline

Take a moment to check over your work and adjust any pins (if needed). Once you are satisfied with your work label the pieces and your draped bodice is complete! What do your final pieces look like? We would love to see them! Don’t forget to join us next time as we transfer our draped bodice to paper and cover basic pattern markings.

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2 - Beginner Draping: How to Drape a Basic Bodice - Mood Sewciety
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