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Posted on June 18, 2011 by Eric

Mood fabric sales associates are very welcoming, warm and very helpful. But America is special she always find what I need with no time. She have allot of experience and knowledge in the business. I love working with here.
Doris K. - NYC

I must tell you I have been visiting your store for the past year since moving to NY and yesterday was the first day I was ever asked if I needed assistance not by one person but several people. Usually I felt that I was being ignored or people did not want to be bothered. I worked with a young man named Edward and he was very helpful and offered many great suggestions. After I finished with Edward I went to the cotton section to buy some fabric and noticed that they were celebrating a birthday for one of your nice. The only suggestion I would have is when you check your bag can be a long wait especially if you are in a hurry and the check out line is too slow. Hey what about an elevator to other floors for us older folks? It was a real pleasure yesterday and I hope it remains that way.
Hennigan K. - NYC

I came to see the famous fashion dog but they said he would not be in due to the weather. :( I have never been to your store so it was quite overwhelming but I especially liked your home section and a young man helped me very nice.
Maria P. - NYC

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