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Posted on July 5, 2011 by Eric

First, maybe move it to New Hampshire? OK, not likely, so I would like to sing the praises of I believe Elise who helped me on June 27th and Fania who assisted me by phone today. Seriously, top-shelf service. What an experience to simply walk thru your door!!! Fabulous store - thank you.
Rhonda C. - NYC

Demi Chang helped me on the first floor, and a very kind short-haired gentleman (TM, according to receipt) on 2nd floor. But all the staff were wonderful. A young woman with dreadlocks on first floor was so helpful -- I wish I got her name so I could praise her properly. Several others also asked if they could help. I was there quite a while, and have to say that the customer service was superb. I travel to NYC periodically and will definitely return to Mood on my next trip. Thank you!
Theresa S. - NYC

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