Comfy Sleepwear - The Hickory Ensemble Free Pattern

Posted on December 9, 2022 by Elisabeth Moore

For many of us, a homemade gift is one of the most meaningful things we can give or receive.  As the holiday season quickly approaches, we’re scrambling to get these projects started! But what if you don’t know what to make? We have just the thing! By making a few adjustments to Our Unisex Hickory Ensemble Free Sewing Pattern, you can easily make a pajama set. We chose our Cyrus Premium Ultra-Soft Rayon Jersey to take those PJs to the next level. With a sumptuous drape and buttery soft hand, it’s the most divine jersey we’ve ever worked with.  Whoever is lucky enough to wear these PJs will never want to take them off!

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Before getting started, take a look at the instructions in the original post.

To turn the ensemble into pajamas, I chose to make a few adjustments: omit the pockets, adjust the circumference of the cuffs and waistbands, and add cuffs to the ankles. 

How to omit the pockets:

1. Before cutting your fabric, lay the front pant on top of the back pant.  Use the hip of the back piece as a guide to reshape the front piece.

2. Sew the front and back side seams together from the waist to the ankle. 

How to adjust the waistband:

Depending on the fabric you’re using, you may need to make the sleeve cuffs and waistband smaller. The Cyrus jersey is very stretchy and tends to grow, which will affect the waistband’s ability to hold the pants up.  Remove 4 inches off each waistband pattern piece, so 8 inches total.  

Before you sew the pants to the waistband, try it on.  If you feel like it’s still too loose, keep adjusting it. 

How to make the ankle cuffs:

We will be using the sleeve cuff pattern piece to make the ankle cuffs, but we’re making some adjustments to it first.

1. Draw a line down the center of the sleeve cuff pattern piece, connecting the notches with a straight line.  Cut along the drawn line. 

2. Draw a line ⅝” in from the cut edge.  Cut.  Repeat with the other piece, then tape together.  

3. Sew the ankle cuffs, then attach them to the bottom of each pant leg

For the sleeve cuffs: 

1. Using the altered pattern piece, cut along the center line that you taped together.  Draw a line 1 ¼” in from the cut edge.  Cut, then repeat with the other piece.  Tape together.  

2. Sew the sleeve cuffs, then attach to the sleeves. 

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