Denim Trends for Spring/Summer '21

Posted on April 29, 2021 by Stephanie Triplett

Denim is a staple in our wardrobes that is reliable and yields a sense of safety. Truthfully speaking: Denim styles haven't changed much in recent years, but 2021 is looking to change that. It’s time to switch up the denim norms just a bit!

For all of the denim bottom trends listed, there are several overarching similarities like the high-waisted rise, cut-off hem, and a generally loose fit overall.

Slim Straight

It’s undeniable that skinny jeans have lost some of their appeal (according to Gen Z at least), but they look so flattering on various body types. For a slightly different take on skinny jeans without crossing your skinny jeans out completely, the slim straight jean offers a middle between skinny jeans and straight leg jeans. 

Mom Jeans (and the fix-ins)

More relaxed jeans are the right way to ease back into everyday clothing. The straight-fit jeans are relaxed for comfort and can be dressed up. They are roomy in the leg, smoothly grazing over lumps and bumps. Other variants of the mom jean come in a pleated variety, looking sleek and stylized. Take the mom jean look into sweltering heat with cut-off denim Bermudas.


Use bell-bottoms to create a polished look that nods to the 70s in a big way. Pair flared jeans with pieces that transition from one season to the next, like a sweater or a sleeveless blouse. Some flares have a seam down the middle for an extra bit of added interest. The Jamesia Pants are a must-sew if you’re loving this throwback!

Colored Denim

For a denim refresh, opt for deep green denim, neutral colors of tan and off-white, and denim in deep shades of gray. Colored denim offers a break from the traditional shades of blue typically seen. Reach for sleek colored denim styles to seamlessly transition from work to playtime.

Denim Boiler Suit

The iconic Britney and Justin all-denim moment circa the early 2000s grabbed the attention of the public and influenced people to wear denim from head-to-toe. Enter the boiler suit: the boiler suit allows denim dressing with minimal effort and maximum style and comfort. The utilitarian, yet practical aspects of this suit make it a fashion-forward choice you won't regret. Make our very own boiler suit with the help of the Forrest Jumpsuit sewing pattern.

Patchwork Denim

The patchwork trend is taking over the classic denim texture and sending it to new heights. It keeps the DIY trend going that heightened during the pandemic while nodding to Y2K nostalgia. Patchwork denim is all about personalization and isn't limited to jeans. Celebrities have recently been spotted wearing hats, cropped denim jackets, skirts, dresses, and more in the patchwork variety!

Denim is a constant in everyone's wardrobe and the way you style it is completely up to you. What’s a denim staple that you’re constantly reaching for?

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