DIY: 20-Minute Oversized Clutch Wallet

Posted on March 8, 2016 by Lee Norris

How often have you put together the perfect outfit, but totally hit a wall when none of your bags matched? With this 20-minute DIY project, you could have a unique clutch for every day of the week in less than 3 hours!


Items used:

Miscellaneous materials:



  1. Lay your piece of leather, right side down.
  2. One the wrong side, trace your printer paper along three sides, leaving one long side open.Clutch 1
  3. Flip the paper along the long side and continue tracing the short sides. You should have the beginnings of a 17”x11” rectangle.
  4. At the open end of your rectangle, trace the corner of your printer paper, keeping the point centered. This will be the front flap or your clutch.
  5. Still on the wrong side, mark about 2” down from the front flap.clutch2
  6.  Below that, mark every half inch down to the bottom, about a half inch from the edge of the leather.
  7. Puncture the leather at these marking with your awl.
  8. Begin lacing up the sides and tie off the top.clutch 3
  9. Repeat steps 5-8 on both sides.
  10. Attach your magnetic clasp to the front flap and front facing of clutch, being sure to line them up properly.
  11. Cover clasp with a button and show off your new, handmade clutch!

IMG_9348 (2)


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Home DIY DIY: 20-Minute Oversized Clutch Wallet