Mood DIY: Handmade Leather Tool Roll

Posted on November 26, 2014 by Brandhyze Stanley

I recently celebrated another birthday (yipee!), and part of the birthday gift I received from my guy was a personal lesson from the talented creator of Limehouse Leather on how to make my own handmade leather goods -- and boy was I excited!   But, with this new hobby came a new set of tools....and much like many of you, I needed a way to transport them (you may have makeup brushes or crafting supplies of your own that need a home).  So, my introductory lesson was to start this tool roll, and while I wasn't able to finish it that night, I did take it home -- much to the dismay of my neighbors who had to put up with my rivet hammering on the floor --  and with a little extra work and some supplies from Mood Fabrics (they have a nice selection of leather) I came up with a master piece I'm quite proud of. Any new skills you'd like to learn....feel free to tell me below?
Handmade Leather Tool Roll 1
Handmade Leather Tool Roll 2 Handmade Leather Tool Roll 3SUPPLIES: ruler, wire cutters, rotary cutter, shotgun shell rivet setter, leather rotary punch, rubber mallet, leather, rivets (I used #9), pen, and an awl
Handmade Leather Tool Roll 4HOW-TO:
1. Take your rotary cutter and ruler to cut out two rectangles in your desired for the outer casing of your tool roll, and one for the pockets.
2. Start by hemming the pocket leather in its desired position.  Once you decide where you'd like it to go, start marking out the positions for the rivets an inch apart.
3. Use your leather rotary punch to make holes in both pieces of leather, where you indicated in Step #2. (Note: Once I made the first hole in my pocket leather, I used the pen to mark my position on the second piece...and you may need to use the awl depending on how thick it is).
4. Place your rivets through the holes.
5. Place the rings over the rivets (Note: the Rivet Setter has both a hole and an indentation on the bottom of it...for this step use the empty hole).
Handmade Leather Tool Roll 5AHOW-TO CONT'D:
6. Now use the rivet setter and mallet to set them in place.
7. I wanted to figure out how much space I would need for each I put my tools in to give me an idea.
8. Put a rivet in the top, middle, and bottom of each pocket slot.
9. Once the rivets are set, cut the excess off with your wire cutters.
10. Remember the indentation on the bottom of rivet setter? Here's the time to use grab your mallet and hammer those down.
11. You're almost done.....cut two pieces of leather for your closure.
12. Lastly, take a few rivets and secure those, and you're all done.

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