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Easy DIY: Jazz Up a Sweater Neckline

Marni embellished cashmere sweater available at Net-a-Porter. $1,230US.
This gorgeous Marni sweater got us thinking about how easy it can be to glam up a basic sweater, just by adding trim around the neckline.  Below, we took a Gap sweater we recently bought on sale for $26 and added some beaded trim from Mood NYC's ever-expanding trim department. (Beaded trims available online here at MoodFabrics.com.) You only need about a yard (or less) of trim for an average neckline. Stitch by hand to sweater, then admire how easily you turned an inexpensive sweater into a designer knock-off!
We added beaded trim to a Gap sweater, instantly transforming it into a more expensive-looking top.
Tips: When choosing trim to fit around a curved neckline, look for trims with a soft and pliable edge that can easily be shaped around curves. The trim we worked with here has a mesh backing, perfect for following a neckline. You also want to match the weight of your trim to the garment you're adding it to---a heavy trim placed on a lightweight sweater or top will cause the neckline to sag and droop. Do you have any favorite ways to glam up or customize your RTW? Leave a comment and share them here!

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