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Exciting new designer fabrics at Mood

Excuse my gushing, but we just got in a huge shipment of SPECTACULAR  fabric from top tier designers. Does the thought of sewing with fabric from names like Valentino, Etro, Pucci, Roberto Cavalli, Dolce & Gabbana and Missoni make your heart beat a little faster? It does mine. Take a look at these photos I snapped at our warehouse yesterday:

How about some Valentino and Pucci prints...
Or Roberto Cavalli...
Maybe a vivid print from Etro...
Or a pop Pucci panel (say hello to Nour from our warehouse)...
And look at all this French lace we acquired.
Look at all these genuine Missoni knits...
Recognize this name? We just got in loads of buttons and trim from Oscar de la Renta.

These very fabrics and trims AND LOADS MORE are on their way from our warehouse to our NYC and LA stores and website (many have already made it to the NYC store). I wanted you to have the first look, dear readers. These will go fast, I can tell.

Question for you: Have you ever sewn something from designer fabric? Some of the "designer" things I've made are a Meg/Oscar de la Renta silk top, a Meg/Bill Blass brocade jacket and a Meg/Marc Jacobs wool coat.  I personally like being able to flaunt a designer name when asked about a particular fabric, but that's me. Does having fabric with a designer pedigree matter to you? Leave a comment here and let us know!


19 thoughts on “Exciting new designer fabrics at Mood”

  • Roberta Upton
    Roberta Upton May 17, 2012 at 6:59 am

    Having a designer fabric doesn't really matter to me, but to have something I've made from one of them would inspire me to do my absolute best to showcase their wonderful fabric. I'd feel more inclined to find the perfect pattern and take extreme time and effort to make it work. Can't wait to take a look at the fabrics.

  • Elizabeth

    I made my Elizabeth/Chrisitan LaCroix skirt. Love it. Maybe I will wear it tomorrow. hmmm...


  • Rachel C

    I am OBSESSED with these! I saw some in the store last month and fell in love. Will any of these GORGEOUS designer silk panels be available for sale on the website? I would love to make a simple shift dress and let the pattern stand out. Or an out of this world maxi dress! One of a kind and designer at homemade prices? Divine!

  • Carolyn

    So how long before they make it to the website because I got a gift certificate that is burning a hole in my pocket and this would be the perfect fabric purchase?!

  • Nancy K

    I've made a Nancy/Oscar de la Renta motorcycle jacket, Nancy/Missoni sweater and a Nancy/Roberto Cavalli dress. I've used other designer fabrics over the years and it's nice to have the quality and look without the price tag of the real garment. I made a Nancy/ Anna Sui silk jersey dress, fabric from Mood, for my dd in high schoo.l She loved that dress.

  • KathieB

    ooooh! Hope they will be available in the NYC store by Tuesday... the day we trek down from waaaaaaaay Upstate NY! Can't wait!

  • Najah


    Designer labels are usually an indicator of higher quality, longevitity, and trendiness...but sewing with them is not a requirement for me (no-name fabrics can be often become diamonds in the rough). Though, this selection makes me want to be a designer label snob and start name dropping when I show off my handmade garments! I'd gladly brag on these beauties.

  • Rita

    Hey Meg

    The 3rd thing I made was a Milly straight skirt. Adorable fabric from HF. does that count?

  • april

    I am also curious when those will wind up in the online shop. MUST have that Pucci panel! And maybe that Etro as well...

  • Sarah

    *HAPPY DANCE!!!* Oh, my! I adore the Missoni knits, Valentino, Pucci (that panel would make an amazing Sorbetto top!), and, of course, Oscar de la Renta! *swoon*

  • Jennifer rozens

    I do love Missoni and Milly. Having designer fabric in my stash is like having roses every day. I love Marc Jacobs too and who wouldn't love Oscar? And Ralph?

  • Renee

    I'm a geek for desinger fabric myself. I get excited when I see a print I have on a RTW garment. I have several Burberrry fabrics and I think I have one knit that I've sewn from Diane Von Furstenberg. I don't know if they are better made, but I expect them to 'look' better. I don't get excited by people telling me it's 'Italian', etc. But, tell me it's designer and it's on

  • Kathy

    Using a designer's fabric is great but not a requirement. Would love to visit Mood in New York

  • Dilliander

    Hi Meg, I have been meaning to drop by to say hello and wish you well in your dream job at Mood! At the moment I'm sewing a Sandra/Marc Jacobs/Jalie shirt. Quick question... does Mood ship to Australia?

    • Meg

      Hi Sandra and thanks! Well, we do ship anywhere but it can get quite expensive when shipping internationally. The best thing to do is to speak to one of our customer service representatives to get an estimate on shipping costs.

  • Rachael

    I've never used designer fabric, but I would definitely like to try it, since I'll not likely to ever be able to afford to fill my closet with designer labels any other way ; ) And besides, that Pucci panel is to die for, designer or not!

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