Fashion Lessons from Quarantine

Posted on July 14, 2020 by Stephanie Triplett

The foundation of the fashion industry is in the early stages of being rebuilt after the impact that COVID-19 is having, which has led me to have some realizations about my style and fashion preferences of my own. Lockdown has forced me to learn a few fashion things, so keep reading to find out my juicy fashion realizations.

You Cannot Go Wrong with Staples

After sitting at my house for just a few weeks into quarantine, I started realizing I had way too many clothes. I went on a quest to control the mess and found out I was missing half of the staple pieces in my wardrobe that I so often advocate for. I didn’t have the most fundamental item-- a dependable tee and the staples that I did have were hardly worth the discount prices I paid much less, quality pieces. With a few extra hours in the days, I started looking at our free sewing patterns for inspiration then made conscious purchases to buy timeless pieces from brands that I know produce quality items.

It's Okay to Be an 'Outfit Repeater'

Staples are important, but when you’re working from home or locked in with not a lot to do, you need comfort-- There's no way around it. I found a way to embrace it by quickly gravitating towards pieces that were soft and comfy and starting wearing those on repeat. I tapped into my basics (which are some of my most comfy clothes) and made them stylish by tying, rolling, or tucking them for some style with a purpose. I have to admit: I had to upcycle some items with appliques, fringe trim, and clever pattern hacks that didn’t quite pass the quality test (ie. Several machine washes in a small window of time).

The True Meaning Behind Inside vs. Outside Clothes

From the time we were born, most of us have been taught that different clothes are suitable for specific activities and events. It’s sensible to have some specific clothing brackets like activewear to wick away your sweat when working out or a blazer to an interview to show that you mean business. In a way, our outside clothes mean that we are getting ready for our day, including the people we meet. When we stay inside we aren't getting ready for anyone. Moving forward, I want to consciously morph the two types of dressing into one to create looks that I’m not dying to take off once I step inside the door to my home.

Fashion is a Constant We Control

After reading articles centered around quarantine for months, I have come to the consensus that most people need a routine to stay sane. We have all been conditioned to have routines and when that was challenged due to lockdown we all went a little bonkers for a minute. Most people learned to adapt and find alternatives to their usual routines. For me, I found comfort in knowing that I could still wear whatever I wanted (even if most outfits weren’t fit for the 'gram). My clothes and what I bought or made for my wardrobe are always in my control and that continues to give me peace of mind.

It's Okay to Be Comfy & Cute

In quarantine, I found that my biggest quest was for comfy clothes, and that made me a bit bitter because fashion is my happy place, and it felt like I was losing it. Good news— I got out of my funky phase rather quickly when I realized that once I’m safely allowed to roam outside again, I can have the best of both worlds. I can look put together and comfy. Not a revolutionary discovery at all, sometimes I’m just a little bit hard-headed. Fashion doesn’t have to be painful, which is an actual thought I used to think.

Quarantine has helped me to find creative ways to keep myself busy, and it has also helped me to get my style chakras back in line. My closet is in order and clutter-free, I have a new fashion outlook, and I’ve been in comfy clothes for over three months straight now, and I don’t hate them nearly as much as I thought I would. I'm practically a changed woman. 

Drop your fashion rules from quarantine below because I can’t wait to read them!

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