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Favorite Fabric Friday

Welcome to the first installment of a new weekly feature: Favorite Fabric Friday. Each week we'll bring you a Mood Fabrics salesperson and his or her favorite fabrics of the week. Jeremy in the NYC store agreed to be our first Favorite Fabric Friday person, and she's an excellent choice because she loooooves fabric. One of her fortes is combining patterns and textures.

Above, Jeremy's picks: (l to r) 100% china silk in a soft animal print, 54" wide, $25/yd; silk crepe de chine print in peach and taupe, 45" wide, $14/yd; blend of rayon, cotton and lurex in a pretty light gray with a subtle sheen, 60" wide, $30/yd.  Jeremy envisions sewing a fit-and-flare dress from the animal print, using the peach and taupe print as an accent. She'd sew a coordinating blazer from the light gray solid and line it with peach and taupe print.

More picks from Jeremy: (l to r) Marc Jacobs matelassé--poly/lycra/lurex in light gold and indigo, 48" wide,$50/yd.; silk and cotton tussah for an upscale denim look, 56" wide, $35/yd.; Marc Jacobs cadet blue silk and lurex, 56" wide, $40/yd. Jeremy says she'd whip up the matelassé into a form-fitting dress, make a vest or jacket from the tussah, and sew a sleeveless overlay vest/tunic from the blue silk and lurex fabric to possibly wear over the matelassé dress.

Can't make it to our NYC or LA stores? Visit moodfabrics.com for more fabrics like these, including this pretty crepe de chine, a Marc Jacobs gunmetal gold poly/lurex blend, and this sheer cotton blend in a geometric pattern.

Get to know Jeremy:

  • She has a degree in fashion design from the International Academy of Design & Technology in Tampa.
  • She tries to sew as much as she can in her spare time. Has two Juki industrial sewing machines and a dress form.
  • She likes fashion with simple, clean lines. Interned for designer Yigal Azrouël and Norwegian designer Elise Overland.
  • She loves to help customers realize and interpret their design visions. "Every day I get a chance to be creative at Mood," she says.
  • Recent celebrity customer: Sarah Jessica Parker. Jeremy says spending two-and-a-half hours with her picking out fabric was an "absolute dream."

10 thoughts on “Favorite Fabric Friday”

  • Carolyn

    I\'ve worked with Jenny before. She helped me pick the fabrics for the Christening Gown I made and she was amazing to work with! I always look for her when I come into Mood but many times she\'s surrounded by eager customers waiting for her services! Thanks for highlighting her because she does make the Mood experience pretty awesome!

  • Samina

    Beautiful fabric Jeremy/Jenny is holding up! Does SJP really sew, or was going to have something sewn by someone else? Would love to know.
    American Sewing Guild

    • Meg

      Hi Samina,
      One, her name actually is Jeremy; two, I believe SJP was working with a dressmaker this time. Whether or not she actually sews I'm not sure. But everybody should sew, right?!

  • Mary

    I tried to find the "Marc Jacobs matelassé–poly/lycra/lurex in light gold and indigo, 48″ wide,$50/yd." on the website.

    Do you have and link to the fabric?


  • Mavra Toufidis

    Beautiful!!! Romantically rich!!!

  • Savannah O'Gwynn

    OHHH! These fabrics are sooooooooo beautiful! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the first one! So chic and sexy:) Can't wait to see what else Jeremy shares!!!! <3

  • Julie Ranae

    Congratulations on a great new feature! I'm a dear friend of Savannah's (who is a dear friend of Jeremy's) so I happy to follow!

  • Meredith P

    Love the fabrics Jeremy picked out. Should be a fun feature. And love her shirt? Did she make it, or design it perchance? Great style, in any event!

    (Waving at Meg :-) )

  • Sewing Princess

    What a cool choice. I hope to meet Jeremy when I go to Moods in 2 weeks

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