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Finished: Prada-Inspired Jacket, with Carolina Herrera Brocade

Sewing inspiration: Prada Fall 2012 suit. Photo by Marcio Madeira.

If you've cracked open any of the hefty September fashion magazines, you've seen pages devoted to the bold brocade prints of Prada Fall 2012. Anna Wintour wore the jacket above to the U.S. Open, and it looked stunning on her. So I've been wanting to make my own statement brocade jacket. Finding a geometric print wasn't as important as finding a bold brocade print was. Fortunately I found a dramatic Carolina Herrera brocade print at Mood NYC that I loved, and I turned it into this simple jacket:

Jacket made with Carolina Herrera silvery brocade from Mood NYC. $50 a yard and worth every penny because this fabric is a delight to sew and press. To purchase, call 212-730-5003 and ask for the Silk department, or send an email to silk@moodfabrics.com.

You know I have a serious thing for brocade fabrics. If your only exposure to brocades sold by the yard is what you see in the chain stores, you may find my brocade addiction baffling. I don't mean to come off like a big old fabric snob (though I am one, admittedly), but there is a huge difference in quality between their brocades and the brocades Mood sells and designers like Carolina Herrera use in their collections. I mean, which is yummier: a mass-produced cookie from a bag in the grocery aisle, or a fresh-from-the-oven cookie made with the best ingredients? Same thing here. Better brocades from Europe are a delight to sew and work with, and they always look expensive to wear.

Ok, stepping off my pedestal now and giving you the details about the jacket. I used an out-of-print Vogue pattern, 8541, changing the long jacket view into one long piece rather than seaming it at the waist. No lining needed, just finished the seams Hong Kong style. Added side pockets (seriously, why do pattern makers omit pockets all the time? I need 'em!). The jacket looks good worn open or buttoned and belted. Very pleased with it and now moving on to sewing a leather top for fall; details to come.

I love how sometimes this CH brocade looks silver and maroon, sometimes silver and black. Carolina used this particular fabric for beautiful gowns and dresses.
No lining, just Hong Kong seams. This was the most time-consuming part of the jacket.
Here are some CH brocades I love that you can find online at moodfabrics.com:
Carolina Herrera Brocade 300687
Carolina Herrera Silk Metallic Brocade FS19519C
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