Girl Boss 2.0 - Free Sewing Patterns for Your Work-From-Home Wardrobe

Posted on October 29, 2020 by Lee Norris

After being in lockdown for months on end, the mass population has accepted their new fate, consisting of lots of online shopping, comfy clothes, and more free time than expected. A particular group of women holding things together are those who are now working from home (WFH) while tending to their everyday responsibilities, which now include teaching their kids all while still keeping things in order at home. This post is to highlight those who are working from home and doing it with flare--aka the domestic goddess.

While the domestic housewife is a thing of the past, with households bringing in split incomes at an all-time high, this new normal is transforming societal norms once again. Instead of staying at home to tend to family members and the house, the domestic goddess has upped the ante. She is juggling a job and everything else that life can muster up, all while doing it in style. The new generation of women WFH looks a lot different. Think of your favorite social media mom as she runs her social media empire and tends to her babies while they toddle in and out of her Instagram lives. The modern-day woman continues to get better.

Home is a place that many consider their safe haven. As the months continue to pass by for those working or staying at home, fashion needs have changed. At the beginning of lockdown, the tracksuit became a wardrobe must-have. Leisurewear made its way to the forefront of every website's landing page, and brands began to push comfy clothes that are perfect for running your empire, whatever that may mean for you, right from home. 

Designers successfully targeting the WFH domestic goddess are those creating pieces that are comfy and still fashionable. Brands with clothing designs that address the balance between work and life are finding that this type of offering is what people are looking for and loving. Less tailored and formal garments have been marked from designers' new releases and replaced with styles that are smart while still being quite functional. 

The modern-day girl boss is a wife, mother, or bachelorette who isn't shaken by change. Those working from home under these new circumstances are tackling the new norm head-on. You can catch them setting up for their zoom calls in the AM, teaching and feeding the kids promptly after, and even finding time to keep order in the home and workout or partake in hobbies that they love. The domestic housewife has now evolved and she's more powerful than ever. 

Check out the styles below for some comfy working from home pattern inspo:

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