Give Some Thought To... Linings That Pop

Posted on August 31, 2012 by Mood

Look at this fantastic lining! Tsumori Chisato trench coat.

Just a quick thought as we head into this Labor Day weekend...

The next time you buy lining fabric for that coat or jacket you're making, think about using a print instead of a boring solid color. Imagine wearing the trench coat above and then flashing everyone with that cool lining. Sarah Jessica Parker, a Mood NYC customer, buys silk prints to line her coats because she likes the unexpected surprise of a print lining. I replaced the lining on a friend's J. Crew coat with a charmeuse print, and my friend says she gets more compliments on the lining than she does on the coat.

So instead of automatically reaching for a matching solid lining fabric the next time you sew a coat or jacket, consider a fun print. Here are two from that I like:

302144, silk charmeuse

302132, silk charmeuse

Enjoy the long weekend, and happy sewing!

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