Brocade Looks for the Holidays

Posted on December 20, 2022 by Stephanie Triplett

The holidays from Christmas til New Year's are all about sparkle and shine. Many fabrics offer shimmery sparkles and rhinestones, yet a superior material offers all the shine without lost sequins or beading. This is where brocade enters the chat. This twill weave offers a slightly raised texture, often made with metallic threads and lustrous colors ideal for the holiday season.

There is no better time to pull out all the stops than holiday events like weddings and parties. Brocade fabric is full of opulence and total star power. The most popular looks for the season are listed below. With options to fit any mood and event, it’s easy to incorporate a brocade look into your holiday festivities.


A matching blazer and dress set is a dynamic duo. A simple mini dress paired with a blazer packs a huge punch when paired together. We know that sets make getting ready much more efficient, and any time-saving hacks are especially useful during the holidays.

Trousers+Button Up

For a more business-type brocade look, the best route is brocade trousers and a blouse. Tuck the button-up into high-waisted trousers for a balanced silhouette that elongates the legs and brings the eyes to the main attraction: The brocade trousers. Flared trousers are flattering for many body types, making them an excellent choice to pair with brocade fabric.

Simple Top+Full Skirt

Post-pandemic fashion has had a huge emphasis on fashion. Trends have shifted from cozy and casual nights to flashy going-out styles. The best time to wear a huge skirt is now when fashion is leaning toward maximalism, so dance the night away in an extravagant skirt with a drape that is captivating.

Suit Set

The power suit remains a staple year after year. If you love a good suit set, then bring it into the holidays by simply reaching for a brocade variation. Business and pleasure never looked quite as good, and it’s a perfect balance between the two. Suiting varieties range which means the sky is the limit, and the choice is yours in selecting the perfect suit set for your next holiday event.

Cocktail Dress

Holiday activities include dressing for both casual and formal events. For those more formal events, a voluminous dress made of brocade is sure to hit the mark. A brocade cocktail dress is fit for plays, Christmas dinners with the office, and perhaps a swanky holiday gala.

The holidays are about embracing glitz and glamour, and brocade fits the bill for both. The versatility of brocade from everyday style to red carpet has proven that brocade remains a true fabric hero that boasts of distinct sophistication and pure style. 

Which brocade outfit combination would you wear to your next holiday event? Leave a comment below!

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