How to Add Fringe to Your Fall Wardrobe

Posted on September 24, 2021 by Greg Dugdale

Fringe has come and gone for decades and now it's back! When it comes to fringe, most of us would think about a western jacket or the flapper dresses of the Roaring Twenties. Now, thanks to street style, there are new, innovative ways to introduce fringe to your wardrobe, such as adding trim to jeans, handbags, unexpected details in garments, and even along the hemline of a coat. The possibilities are limitless with fringe!

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What trims are trending right now? 

  • Jackets with fringe along the sleeves on the entire back
  • Handbags
  • Layered fringe (monochromatic or multi-colored)
  • Extra-long, dramatic fringe!

Examples of how to use trim 

Trim can go almost anywhere. One of my favorite ways to use fringe is to add it to areas where it'll be able to move. Some examples are the back of the jacket, the shoulder seam, sleeve cap, sides of jeans, around skirt/dress hems, and even around an entire garment. As I always say, more is more; and that’s very true with fringe. 

An important technique with sewing trim is to make sure you include it directly into the seam of the garment. If you are adding to an existing garment, you can flip the trim backward and let the fringe fall back down to and cover the trim tape. Alternatively, you can also just sew the trim as is and cover the fringe trim tape with other trim to make it look aesthetically pleasing to the eye. When creating metallic fringe using a metal chain, cut it to the length you want and then hand sew evenly or sporadically on your garment. 

Before your next project, sew a sample on a scrap piece of fabric and see what you like better or look at my sample below!

Alternative ways to create your own trim 

Materials needed 

Buy the fabric you want; be it leatherfaux leather, denim, jersey, whatever your heart desires. Please keep in mind you need the materials listed above to complete making your own trim out of fabric. Place your fabric over your mat, depending on your length you want to keep it folded. Using your ruler, mark how wide you want your trim. Cut along your marks using your rotary cutter, stopping 1"-2" from the edge of your fabric. Now you have your amazing new trim! Alternatively, you could also cut individual strips and tie them onto your garment as we did with this Tansy Trench!

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