How to Add Trims to Level Up Your Look

Posted on December 16, 2021 by Stephanie Triplett

While colors, styles, and amazing fabrics are all a part of a fabulous winter wardrobe, the trends of the season still have room for improvement. What on earth could make these trends better? Cue wispy, sparkly, furry elements of fun! Keep reading to find out what part trims are playing in this season's best styles!


A cozy surprise is just what we all need to keep warm this winter. A fur coat is great for some, but if you prefer a more understated look, try a fur trim instead. Fur lining, cuffs, collars, and other accents are a perfect way to achieve a more casual look while still diving into the furry trends of the season.


There are so many fringe options when it comes to fringe trim! Short or long, different materials, and so many places for it to go! If you want a little movement for your Christmas parties or in pictures, then try fringe—Like metallic, suede, and more! There's fringe for every occasion, so if adding pom poms to your Christmas PJs sounds like your cup of hot cocoa, then you’re in luck!


Soft and wispy, feathers add so much to any garment! There’s no better time to add feathers to your wardrobe than the holiday season. Feathers are better in massive amounts, so don't be shy! They may not provide a lot of warmth on their own, but they are better together, and in the wind or on the move, they look stunning! Try a full feather skirt, or let feathers accent the edges of your garments.


Sparkles and shine with the help of sequined trims! The holidays are better with sequins and glitter—This season is no exception. Add a stripe of sequins with the help of ribbon, tape, or even panels of sequined fabrics. You deserve the spotlight when your outfit shines that bright!


Hand-crafted items have been popular throughout the year and into the colder weather. Sew beaded masterpieces or take a bit of a shortcut with the help of some beaded ribbons, appliques, or fabrics. Beaded trim adds a unique touch to any garment, and it's the perfect way to make an item your own.

With all of the options for trims, it’s hard to settle for a wardrobe that’s anything less than exciting. Mood has an extensive selection of trims that goes beyond the ones listed here. Let your imagination run wild and create to your heart's content. I think fur trim is my favorite. What about you? Leave a comment below!

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