How To Make a Patch Pocket

Posted on April 30, 2019 by Natalia Luna

Patch pockets can be the finishing touch for a linen dress shirt, or just the exact touch of flair needed for your next pair of fabulous denim jeans. In short, they're super fashionable and functional! They are also incredibly easy to add on to any garment, or if you just need a pocket for an already finished piece.

It isn't surprising that it's one of the most common types of pockets to learn about; so I'm excited to tell you about a foolproof, non-traditional way to help you make the perfect Patch pocket for your next sewing project!

Grab all of the materials above, keep yourself from saying "What's the cardboard for?" and cut it out! Recycle all of the cardboard boxes that all your Mood Fabrics orders arrive in! Believe me, this step alone is going to save you so much time! It would also be beneficial to save for future pocket making adventures, and who doesn't like to re-purpose and recycle?

Once you have your materials, we can move on to cutting out our patch pocket from our chosen fabric. The top of your pocket may feel a little extra long up top, but not to worry! After cutting out your pattern, proceed to fold over the top edge of your patch pocket, towards the wrong side.

Fold over your patch pocket by half an inch,  and then once again by one inch. By folding over the top edge of our patch pocket, we're essentially reinforcing it and making it more sturdy, so it never lose its shape. Next, we're going to sew our fold shut, and back tack on the first, and last few stitches.

Here's the fun part! We are going to get our cut-out piece of cardboard, and place it square in the middle of our  pocket, lined up at the top edges. Then, slowly with an iron, press the outer edges inward all around the lower parts of the pocket. Think of it as giving your Patch pocket the perfect flattened shape we need to sew over it in the next step! The more we iron it with our cardboard, the better it will bode with our machine.

Lastly, flip over your ironed Patch pocket, and edge-stitch it exactly where you've marked it on your garment. This can be added to pants for back pockets, or your favorite linen shirt. However you plan on using this tutorial, one thing is for sure. At least you'll have a home for pens clipped over your new patch pocket, with a nifty pocket protector perhaps! How do you plan on using your patch pockets? Let me know in the comments!

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