How To Make an Inseam Pocket

Posted on February 26, 2019 by Natalia Luna

Pockets are just one of the most delightful details that can make any garment just a little bit better. If I happen to have a skirt, or dress that has them, I can't help but enthusiastically tell others that "It's got pockets!" whilst modeling them after a compliment.

Placing pockets on sweaters, pants and yes, even dresses can elevate the functionality of your garments exponentially. With this tutorial, you don't even have to alter your patterns, as pockets can always be added. And who doesn't want pockets? On this day and age, I want to be able to carry my cell phone, gum and lint in peace without lugging around my purse everywhere. So of course, it's a must that we have a tutorial on how to create tidy, hidden pockets for every kind of inseam out there!

The first step is to grab all of the necessary materials above. Mood has a plethora of free patterns available, and the Inseam Pocket is one of them. So grab that and your scissors, with your fabric of choice! You can typically use your self fabric if you have any left over for pockets, but you can also use more sturdy fabric like pocketing or lining that was designed for this purpose, and download your free pocket template below.


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Next, you should line up your pockets to cut. Two on the right side, and two facing the wrong side. You should have four pieces in total. This is so when we line them up, they will both neatly face the right side! You're welcome to use pins when cutting your pattern out if you happen to be using a slippery fabric.

For this tutorial, we will be using a skirt as an example of where you can place an inseam pocket. I am adamant that skirts should all have pockets, if you couldn't tell already. :-)

Once you have your cut pocket pieces, place two of the pockets facing inward, both facing the right side. Sew along the straight edge of your pocket, being sure to back tack on the first, and last few stitches for security, and press open.

Feel free to view the pictures from a similar DIY called Mcall's M7081 to keep up with this tutorial!

Repeat the steps above for the back piece of our skirt, and simply sew along the outer edge of your garment following the dotted line in the figure above. Be sure to keep the pockets open, and sew along the outer seams! Once you've done that, you can flip your garment inside out and push your pockets in to test them.

And that's it! You can now place inseam pockets anywhere you'd like. Is there anything you would like to put pockets on, and why? Personally I love pockets for quick, on the go runs out of the house; my phone keys and wallet is all I need. Let me know in the comments what you guys think!

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