How to Re-Imagine Your Basics

Posted on March 24, 2022 by Stephanie Triplett

Basics are not boring—Let’s start there, though they often get written off as such. Seeing your basics in a new light will open many opportunities for new outfits and styling. Take a step away from adding accessories to zhuzh up basics. Get ready to learn how to take your basics to new levels using only, well, you guessed it, the basics. 

Pro tip if you're feeling stuck: Try to build a capsule wardrobe for a collection of clothing that expands beyond one-hit wonders. A capsule wardrobe focuses on basics that serve multi-functional purposes for more than just one kind of outfit. 

Reimagining basics coincides with maxing out your wardrobe and getting the most out of it. For instance, a t-shirt and jeans are a match made in wardrobe heaven, but a t-shirt can go much further with a simple tuck, tie, or styling trick like layering with a blazer and a skirt for a professional look or even a midi skirt and a few accessories for an everyday look.

A simple tank can live many lives, especially if it is cropped, fitted, or both. Pair it with casual bottoms or a pleated skirt for different types of occasions. Leggings are another wardrobe must-have that usually feel like more of a lazy-day item when in reality, they can be paired with more than just your favorite hoodie. Try wearing leggings with an oversized button-up or a linen blazer, and you’ll instantly achieve a more polished look.

A good basic can be worn for various occasions if you've made it well and chosen the overall silhouette wisely. Pairing your basics with different types of clothing means it can be worn from day to night and anything in between. Mix layers, prints, and textures to change up the way your wardrobe appears. Take a moment, when possible, to upcycle or donate those items that don’t fit well or serve a rightful purpose in your wardrobe to avoid clutter and confusion.

Basics are typically considered the building blocks to create a more complex outfit but seldom are they considered the fun parts of the outfits. Mix different styles to create a balanced look using standard pieces. Experiment with different fits like a flowy cardigan and tailored pants or create a monochromatic color scheme. Your basics are most useful if they meet your everyday needs and consist of color schemes that are easy to mix and match, then style as desired.

Don't forget that sewing is all about fulfilling your vision, so when your basics start to become too bland, it’s possible to change the hemline, the sleeve, or pants length, or add new notions.

Eco-Friendly practices and sustainability concerns have created an urgency to be more mindful of our purchasing habits, especially when it comes to clothing. When your basics are worn or ruined, try to give them new life by altering them or mixing them with pieces in your stash to add a new life. Add embroidery or patches to torn jeans, or add appliques to your worn-out trusty leather jacket. Of course, this is a specific scenario in which to reimagine your basics, right at the end of their normal wear purpose.

Basics go beyond the basic t-shirt and jeans you were probably thinking of before. With a little creativity, reimagining your basics can work wonders for your wardrobe, style, and the environment. Which garment(s) in your closet are you reaching to reimagine first? Leave a comment below!

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