How to Sew a Holiday Ruff for Your Pet

Posted on December 10, 2012 by Mood

Holiday Swatch.

Well of course we have to deck Swatch out in holiday finery! If you visit Mood NYC during the holidays you'll see Swatch wearing this ruff we made for him out of green silk faille and red fringe trim, available at our stores. Doesn't he look elegant yet holiday festive?!

Here's how to make an easy ruff collar for your pet:

  1. Measure your pet's neck circumference. Swatch has a 17-inch neck, in case you were wondering.
  2. To determine the length of fabric you need to cut, multiply the neck circumference by the factor of how densely you want the collar to ruffle around your pet's neck and how thick your fabric is. For example, the silk faille I used is stiff and somewhat thick, so I multiplied 17" by 2, for 34". If the fabric were lighter in weight, I'd probably multiply the circumference by 2.5 or 2.75 for denser ruffles.
  3. The width of the ruff is personal preference. Swatch's is 2 inches wide. Take your width amount, double it, and add another inch.
  4. Cut your strip out of your fashion fabric. I cut a piece that was 5" wide by 35". (I added an inch to the length for seam allowances.)
  5. Fold right sides together and stitch a 1/2" seam along the cut edge (lengthwise).
  6. Turn right side-out; press. Press under one of the short ends, about 1/2", forming a neat edge.
  7. Sew a casing to insert the elastic to keep it around your pet's neck. I recommend using elastic that's 1/4" or 1/2" wide. Stitch the casing from the unpressed end all the way to approximately 1 inch from the pressed end. This will give you an unstitched opening to insert the other end into, forming a nice, neat circle of fabric (step 10).
  8. Cut a piece of elastic the same size as your pet's neck circumference; insert into casing.
  9. Overlap elastics ends and stitch.
  10. Take the unfinished edge of the ruff and insert it into the finished edge by about 1/2-inch to a 1 inch; pin in place. Try on your pet for fit.
  11. Stitch casing opening closed. Next, stitch the area where one end is inserted into the other by machine and through all layers. Or you can slip-stitch it by hand for a neater finish.
  12. Stitch a pretty trim along the outer edge and you're done!

If you make a holiday ruff for your pet out of Mood fabrics, post a photo on our Facebook page!

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