How to Sew a Micro Pleated Skirt with an Elastic Waist

Posted on October 30, 2020 by Lee Norris

Pleats are an effortlessly elegant trend that are beyond perfect for these weird times in which we find ourselves. Whether you're lounging around the house dressing up in an effort to hold onto some normalcy or strolling through your local park, a long pleated skirt is the simple chic staple you should be adding to your wardrobe. Mood has a variety of pre-pleated fabrics that are perfect for this quick little DIY project, so grab your favorite color and let's get started!

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To start your pleated skirt, fold all of your pleats down so they lay uniformly straight. Cut small portions of draping tape to secure the pleats for the first 5" or so of your fabric width, like below. Alternatively, you could opt to pin each pleat into place. Continue until you have a length of pleats the same measurement of the widest part of your hips plus one inch.

Using your machines widest straight stitch, sew down your pleats in parallel stitching lines. I placed mine about 1/2" apart.

I sewed 5 lines of stitching along what would become the skirt waistband. You'll see below that I left room for one more line along the top edge. Since the waistband will eventually be folded down, that open space has been left for that step.

Before folding the waistband, you'll need to sew up the center back seam. I'd recommend placing the fabric faces together and sewing it with a serger or overlock stitch, but you could opt for a French seam.

Fold your waistband down and inward with enough space to fit the width of your elastic. Stitch along the bottom of the fold to create the elastic casing, leaving about 1" open at the center back. Cut your elastic to your waist measurement and feed it through the waistband. Stitch the ends together and then stitch the remainder of the waistband closed.

If desired, hem the bottom of your skirt with a basic zig-zag or stay-stitch to keep the pleats from unraveling.

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