How To Turn The Hana Dress into a 90s Slip Dress

Posted on March 6, 2023 by Elisabeth Moore

If you’re a fan of iconic 90’s fashion, you’ll be happy to know that one of the most glamorous trends of the decade is making a big comeback: the slip dress. From Princess Diana and Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy, to Courtney Love and Kate Moss, the slip dress was the ultimate statement piece, channeling elegance, grunge, high fashion, and more. We wanted to recreate the late 90’s-early aughts slip dress that was everywhere, with a floral print and lace trim, by using our Hana Bias Cut Dress Free Sewing Pattern. Our Mood Exclusive Tangerine Dreams Rayon Batiste was the perfect choice for this project - it’s a bold floral print with a fluid drape that moves beautifully when cut on the bias. For the lace trim, we chose this Fuchsia Crochet Chenille Lace for a vibrant pop of color to compliment the fabric. I would love to see this slip dress styled with a leather motorcycle jacket and some Dr. Martens for a true 90’s look!

free bias cut slip dress sewing pattern

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This is an easy beginner friendly project that can be completed in a day! 

Sew the dress as instructed in the original post, except leave one side seam open to make a slit. The side and length of the slit is up to you.

How to add the lace trim:

1. After you finish the dress, pin the lace to the top edge, starting at the side seam. As pictured above, I overlapped the side seam a bit for a seam allowance.  Pin the lace around the back first. 

2. Once you reach the high points of the dress, you'll have to fold the lace in order for it to take a sharp turn downwards. Arrange the fold so it sits right on top of the strap. Pin in place. 

3. Fold the lace at the deep v, and hand stitch it to secure.

4. If your lace isn't laying flat due to the curves, steam or press it into place. As pictured above, I pinned the lace into place, then steamed it.

5. Sew the lace to the dress and the straps on the front and back. Fold the raw edge down at the side seam and stitch into place.

6. Repeat with the bottom hem!

How To Turn The Hana Dress into a 90s Slip Dress - Mood Sewciety
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