How to Update the Transitional Pieces in Your Fall Wardrobe

Posted on September 16, 2021 by Stephanie Triplett

It's the time of year when the temperatures start to dip in the morning and then steadily climb during the day, but how on earth do we dress for changing temps once we’re out for the day? Creating outfits with pieces that work well seasonally is a great approach. The key is simply mixing and matching pieces from different seasons to create looks for the wavering weather. While we already have an official transitional wardrobe planner, it’s no secret that fashion evolves, so this post is an extension and an update rolled into one.


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Start by grabbing your favorite pieces from summer. Think summer dresses, oversized shirting, flared bottoms, etc., then take out your staples from fall, like your cardigans and favorite footwear.

Key pieces and Styling Tips:

  • Summer dresses: Keep the summer dresses out. Simply pair them with thin base layers or cover-ups while adding accessories like boots and a fedora to transform a summer dress into an adaptable fall outfit. A slip dress or prairie dress is great for this transition period.
  • Jumpsuit: Jumpsuits are practically accident-proof and maybe even easier than dresses to throw on, and there's no need to worry about any wardrobe malfunctions. Add a blazer or base layer to a jumpsuit, and you’re ready for action.
  • Blazer: It’s a staple, and we know what it can do. Wear it with a casual outfit for a sophisticated spin or go full-out professional mode.
  • Shirting: This is a top 3 piece that, when selected correctly, can act as an any-occasion piece. Tuck it, open it, roll it, and anything in between, and you’re sure to achieve the look you desire. Fabric is important, so select a fabric that will last well, like an oxford fabric.
  • Base layers: A bodysuit in any sleeve length achieves the layered look needed for transitional fashion. Use them to their fullest potential. 
  • Dark Washed Straight-Leg Denim: While the world is in a debate about the fit of their pants just, go for straight-legged denim. The comfort this fit brings is more than enough to sway me to the more relaxed side. This style is a must for transitioning to cool weather.

How To Style:

  • Layer it on by adding a vest top or a corset over an oversized shirt or a fitted long sleeve top under a summer dress. Adding thin layers adds an extra bit of warmth without plunging completely into chunky sweaters or snowsuits.
  • Pair lightweight items like a sweatshirt with denim in any length (shorts to cropped pants) and finish with ankle booties.
  • When in doubt, opt for neutral-colored pieces to create a cohesive look while marrying seasons.
  • Utilize lightweight outerwear like denim and suiting to layer with a body con dress like the citrus dress or trousers.
  • Pair summer and fall pieces like summer dresses with boots and fall pieces with sandals for some seasonal balance.

Don't forget to download our transitional wardrobe planner to map out your 2021 wardrobe plan. It comes complete with templates for wardrobe planning for your must-have pieces, outfit combos, and color picks so you can transition like a pro! 

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