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Imagining the Possibilities: Wool for Spring

Come January and February, home sewers can get a hankering for spring. If you can't quite bring yourself to break out the gauzy, flowy warm-weather fabric, how about sewing up some transitional pieces? What better place to start than wool? Jackets, work-ready skirts and even a sassy cape could see a wardrobe through spring and be prime for use again in the fall.

We are still wild about designers' pre-fall collections, so we've asked the wool department for a little help. They've pulled some swatches of hot fabrics from our New York store. With a little bit of inspiration from runways, retail and pattern companies, we think we're well on our way to a chic 2013.


From left to right, we have swatches one through five: bouclés and coatings and abstract patterns that defy seasons.

Chanel Fall 2012 Chanel Fall 2012

Swatch #1: We'd love to see this elegant, gray-and-black wool bouclé paired with a classic designer jacket pattern. Who does a more recognizable bouclé than Chanel? Not only is this a coat, but the bouclé acts as trim on the collar and hem of a sequined cocktail dress. Color us inspired. Can't make it to the store? This charcoal wool bouclé is absolutely heavenly and this Oscar de la Renta lightweight wool blend is elegance itself.

Lanvin, Pre-Fall 2013 Lanvin Pre-Fall 2013

Swatch #2: A beautiful rich red with flecks of soft blue, this wool would be perfect for a transitional item. Let's think outside the box and try a bold, belted coat dress, like this one from Lanvin. In love with the color, but want a coat for the cold? Online, we have this brick-colored wool coating flecked with tiny bits of marigold and violet and an absolutely scrumptious cashmere-blend coating that would also fit the bill.

St. John Pre-Fall 2013 St. John Pre-Fall 2013

Swatch #3: We think this bold black-and-white wool calls for a design with simple lines and infinite grace. What better than a light coat? Brass buttons and light black trim balance a bolder pattern. For online alternatives, try this stunning Italian wool with its chic irregular plaid design or go for full-on luxury with this cashmere houndstooth suiting.

Style Arc Clover Cape Style Arc Clover Cape

Swatch #4: This wine-and-black wool is guaranteed to turn heads. Pairing it with a strong design will make it sing. The Style Arc Clover Cape would make for an especially lovely combination. Swap out the deep red for a perfect purple with this plaid tweed or use this Oscar de la Renta double-face wool.

Kate Spade Judy Skirt, via katespade.com Kate Spade Judy Skirt, via katespade.com

Swatch #5: Colorful and fun, this Missoni wool would be a stunning, g0-with-anything pencil skirt. We were inspired by this Kate Spade skirt's clean silhouette but funky color scheme. From our online store, this blue tweed would make an excellent alternative. Care to take this style to next level with coating? Marc Jacobs brings us this gorgeous pink-and-green wool coating that would be smashing.

Questions about any of the fabrics we've shown here? Send an email info2@moodfabrics.com, and we'll be sure to help!

3 thoughts on “Imagining the Possibilities: Wool for Spring”

  • Toby Wollin

    I don't know if you've seen Evadress's latest multi-sized pattern, a dress from 1943. When I looked at the original back of the pattern for the fabric suggestions, one of the offered items was : chiffon wool. WOW. Do they even make that now?

    • Charlotte, Mood Intern
      Charlotte, Mood Intern February 4, 2013 at 3:19 pm

      Chiffon wool? I'm having trouble even imagining that! We're going to have to ask our wool department about it.

    • Charlotte, Mood Intern
      Charlotte, Mood Intern February 7, 2013 at 7:16 pm

      Hello again. I couldn't stop thinking about your inquiry, so I asked Tarek, our resident wool whisperer, about it. Chiffon wool is not really a thing anymore, but georgette wool is available as a close substitute. Basically, what you'd look for is the lightest weight wool crepe you can find. Cool, right? Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

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