Is Fashion Just a Number?

Posted on May 21, 2020 by Stephanie Triplett

As people age, their tastes and interests may change, but does this mean that their interest in clothing and fashion must sit by the wayside? It’s no secret that the fashion industry threw a blind eye to the older generation for quite a while, making it somewhat more difficult for baby boomers to find clothing that works for them. I think that fashion should always be about finding clothing that represents who a person is and where they are in life. Fashion is fun for all ages, and as we get older we get to learn how to dress best for all of the changes that our life (and gravity) throw our way. This post is dedicated to all fashion and style lovers, with our baby boomers specifically in mind. Let’s learn how to embrace fashion at any age.

Purchase with Sensibility

This tip applies to all: Buy pieces that you know will work well with other pieces that you already own. When shopping, opt for neutrals or solids— they’re the easiest to work with and are easy to pair. Spice up your outfits with trendy accessories and adjust them as needed. Use accessories to elevate your look, and don't be afraid to make investments in high-quality accessories. They'll last longer and will add to your overall look. Remember that quality over quantity is vital. Fill your closet with garments and accessories that represent who you are right now then refresh to fit new interests and changes.

Keep Your Closet Clean

It’s okay to conquer your closet monster. Start by getting rid of clutter pieces by donating or upcycling them. A good habit to adopt is to take away a piece each time you purchase a new one to maintain a closet that isn't overwhelming. When visiting your closet make note of items that you need and make those a priority. Shop with a purpose so you’re not wasting money on pieces that won't serve you well. When in doubt, think about the pieces that you wear most often then buy pieces that will pair nicely with those garments.

Keep it Comfy

Style is important to me, but comfort is equally important, and as I age it’s becoming more important in my life. I have found that comfort doesn’t have to compromise style. It's important to wear items that make you feel comfortable and to ditch any items that don't. Let’s face it: wearing pieces that you’re constantly adjusting or are ill-fitting are not the move, and by the end of the night you'll end up regretting your fashion choice altogether. If you’re not comfortable in what you’re wearing, you’ll feel self-conscious rather than confident. When shopping or creating garments, opt for comfortable fabrics that feel soft to the touch, have a bit of stretch, and are designed with high-quality construction, which will make waistbands and the overall fit more comfortable.

Choose Staples the Fit Your Lifestyle & Body

Find staples that suit your body and continue to do that. Actively seek out pieces that flatter your body and mind. It’s okay to let your style change along with you. All bodies go through changes, so don’t be afraid to get rid of things that no longer flatter you. If your body seems to have lost structure, don't worry— you can find it in your clothes. Our bodies change as we age, but dress for your body at this current moment. Play with colors, patterns, and fabric types to find the pieces that work best for your current you. Try on or create pieces that are in your comfort zone, but also try some things that are new and daring to keep your style eye fresh and open-minded. Go for clothes that fit into your current lifestyle.

Where to Draw Fashion Inspo

Think about past fashion eras and what trends you enjoyed or trips you’ve taken and incorporate those things into your wardrobe. The internet is your best friend, so don't neglect it. Actively seek out bloggers or people on the internet with similar body types that dress the way that most appeals to your current self. Magazines exist in several formats, so draw style inspiration from outfits you see. Cut, sketch, or print out fashion images and place them in view for those days when you can't find anything to wear in your wardrobe or make a style board with them to better understand what styles and pieces you’re currently gravitating towards.

Selecting wardrobe staples can be tedious and frustrating. Here’s a list of essential staples that work for all ages in any given chapter of life:

Wardrobe Staples:

  • White tees or blouses (linen, cotton, or silk)
  • Structured or loose blazers 
  • Well tailored trousers 
  • A LBD
  • Quality Denim
  • A printed piece (for a little spice)

In conclusion, it’s important to continue to have fun with clothing at any age and know that your fashion sense will evolve and change just as trends do. Don’t be ashamed of how your body looks at any stage of your life. Use fashion not to hide, but to heighten your confidence and embrace who you are right now because this version of yourself is unique and beautiful. Find pieces you love to wear and get rid of pieces that you don't and take risks when shopping. I believe there is no age barrier to fashion.

How do you pick clothing you love and feel confident wearing? Drop your comments below.

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